Caroline Sawyer

Height: 5’2”   Weight: 120 lb     Eyes: Blue/green     Hair: golden brown     Lyrical Mezzo: D3-d6      

Film/ Television

RUN KAI RUN                                              CO-STAR                           Feature Film         CUE Productions/ Erin Corrado

PERSUASIONS, S2E1, ‘Angela King’             PRINCIPLE                        Television             CINEFLIX/ Discovery ID/ Peter Norry

MURDER U, E5, ‘Grimm Reaper ’                PRINCIPLE                         Television            Brian Rice/ Jeff Desmarais

PSYCHO                                                        LEAD                                   Short Film           Tom Sokalski Pictures

AMERICAN GRACE                                     PRINCIPLE                        Feature Film         AngelHeart Productions/ Manee Osman     

WELCOME HONEY                                     LEAD                                  Music Video         Tom Sokalski/ Ryan Granville-Martin

TRIPLE SENSATION II                                PRINCIPLE                         Television             CBC/ Triple Sensation II Production

GOSSIP                                                          PRINCIPLE                         Short Film            TUFF/ Jonathan Robbins

GOLD AND BLUE BALL                             LEAD                                   Short Film            Ryerson Film/ Elaine Poon/ Andrew Moir

SHARED SPACE                                           LEAD                                   Short Film             Kaeja Films/ Scott McGregor

THE FOUR SISTERS                                    LEAD                                   Short Film             Giant Peach Productions/ Ryan Jack

EXT. 5683 (L-O-V-E)                                     SUPPORTING                     Short Film            Volt Age Ltd./ Elaine Poon


THE HUNGRY                                             CO-STAR                               Unit 102 Actors Co./ Luis Fernandes

                                EVANESCENCE                                            LEAD                                     RAW/ S.A. Rooney

GUNSHOT                                                    LEAD                                     ReActive Dance Theatre/ Toronto Fringe

RAGGEDY’S KINGDOM                             CO-STAR                               Indie6ix/ Storefront Theatre/ Maggie Sulc

ROMEO & JULIET                                       LEAD                                      Burnaby North Theatre/ Paul Batten

LOVELASH: THE MUSICAL                      SUPPORTING                         Entr’Acte Studios/ Terence Vince

GUYS AND DOLLS                                     PRINCIPLE                              First Act Productions/Nicole Strawbridge

THERE’S SOMETHING IN THE GARAGE        SUPPORTING               The Garage Toronto/ Daniel McArthur

DEAR EDWINA JR. SHOW                        CO-STAR                                  Spotlight/ Lalainia Lindbjerg

DISTANT EXCHANGE                               CO-STAR                                  Series 8:08/ Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

DES MCANUFF TRIBUTE                          SUPPORTING                         Keorner Hall/ Mindy Cooper

PERFORMING OCCUPY TORONTO       CO-STAR                                  Docket Theatre/ Llyandra Jones

WAKE OF THE FALLEN                              SUPPORTING                         Desiraeda Dance Theatre/ Niki Wozniak


TERRY KNICKERBOCKER             Terry Knickerbocker Studio Meisner Training

ACTING COACH                              Sophie Ann Rooney - RAW, Rooney Actors Workshop Method Training

ACTING                                             Scott Cavalheiro, Claire Stollery, Jeff Seymour, Perry Schneiderman,

                                                            Marianne McIsaac, Irene Pauzer, Ian Watson

RYERSON UNIVERSITY                  BFA Degree in Theatre: Performance

ON CAMERA                                    John Boylan, Melissa D’Agostino, Matt Compagna

VOICE                                               Peggy Redmond, Louisa Corbett, David Warrack, Allen Cole, Rigzin Tute, Bruce


VOICE OVER ANIMATION            Susan Hart

DANCE                                             Dustin Pym, Vicki St. Denys, Nadia Potts, Tanya Evidente, Karen Duplisea, Allen

                                                           Kaeja, Robert Glumbek, Arsenio Andrade, Kenny Pearl, Derek Sangster, Linda

                                                           Garneau, Jeff Dimitriou, Phillip Nero

Special Skills

Dance:  Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Tap, Salsa, Partnering, Lifting Experience, and Choreography.

Accent: British Received Pronunciation; Standard American, New York/New Jersey, and Southern.

Sports:  PADI Certified, Rock Climbing, Bouldering, Kayak Racing Single, Yoga, Swimming, Cycling. 

Adjudicator for 2015 IAWTV Awards Best Female Performance in a Comedy

Downloadable Resume file below:

Caroline Sawyer Resume